Creating energy for the future


1. Initiation

The wind causes the wind turbine blades to spin, initiating the process of generating electricity .

2. Generation

As the blades turn, energy is produced. This kick starts the next step which is transforming the energy into electricity.

3. Transformation

The electricity voltage is increased by the transformers. The generated electricity is now ready to be distributed.

4. Distribution

The electricity joins the grid and is distributed across various parts of the country.

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Energy for tomorrow

WSR Hawker is leading the way in wind energy. Our experienced and expert team source and secure potential sites suited for the production of wind energy. We are constantly adapting in order to be ahead of the race in this rapidly evolving sector.

We work with trusted and knowledgeable experts who have already helped us secure and develop suitably potential wind turbine sites. These are in prime locations all over the UK.

The government is committed to cutting carbon emissions and as such have created incentive schemes which WSR Hawker are proud to have the backing off.


Change for the better

How we generate energy.

Wind Energy is created through the use of modern wind turbines as well as traditional wind mills. Kinetic energy in the wind is converted into mechanical power and thereafter into electricity – providing essential power to homes, schools and so forth.

Wind Energy is clean energy – non-polluting and renewable.

Our wind turbines are catered to suit the needs of their environment and therefore designed to withstand natures changing conditions.

Our mission is to generate power through the use of wind energy, enabling us to provide clean energy to our communities from a sustainable and renewable source whilst ensuring the process is profitable.


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