About Us

Introducing Wind Power

Energy Redefined

We want to change the way energy is generated, encouraging a cleaner, low carbon future.

WSR Hawker has existing projects running throughout the UK. These projects have sites secured with legal strategies in place, with further development commencing. Government-backed schemes allow WSR to ensure that wind power is both environmentally and financially rewarding.

Since the launch of our first project we have made continuous strides to adapt with the evolving renewable energy market. With a team of experienced energy experts, consultants and technicians, we have become one of the leading renewable energy providers offering investment opportunities.

At WSR Hawker we intend to encourage a cleaner future by continuing to invest in the generation of wind energy.

An Introduction to WSR Hawker

WSR Hawker was designed to produce clean energy, taking a leap towards a cleaner and brighter future.

WSR Hawker have wind turbines scattered across Scotland, Ireland and the North of England, allowing us to supply cleaner energy to many parts of the U.K.

At present, we are working on obtaining new sites, installing wind turbines and connecting them in order to generate electricity which can then be sold to the national grid.

To date, WSR Hawker has successfully secured a number of sites which will continue to be developed for long term fixed assets with legal structures already in place.

Our values


Ethical Approach

At WSR Hawker, we see it as our duty to encourage a green ethical, eco-friendly way of generating electricity.

Future Generation

We believe in creating a greener world. This is why we want to create energy that is cleaner for our future generation.

Long term

With government backed incentive schemes, we are creating sustainable energy that will power our nation.


At WSR Hawker, we are committed in researching and developing our sources of energy. We always look to the future.