Investing with WSR Hawker

WSR Hawker have a secured government backed income which is obtained via government incentive schemes such as the Feed In Tariff. As well as securing income from the government, we are able to sell the electricity we generate back to the national grid. A secured duel income source allows us to offer investment opportunities via Retail Bonds.

We have a professional and trustworthy team in place including an Independent security trustee to manage the interest of the bondholders. Furthermore, the bondholder’s legal rights and interests are our priority.

Bond holders are given First Legal Charge over all WSR Hawker assets until the full investment capital has been paid back upon maturity of the bond.

Throughout the duration of the bond term, our bondholders are entitled to receive a fixed return.

We emphasize our professionalism and honesty and this extends to those whom we work alongside throughout the whole process, therefore, we are happy to arrange the above via an independent broker. As our income is secure we can offer fixed returns. Please note this may vary dependent on the project and its stage of the process.

We’ve got you covered

Independent security Trustee

The trustee has the legal power and duty to manage security interests for the benefit of bondholders.

First Legal Charge over Assets

Bondholders will hold first charge on all WSR Hawker assets until the full capital amount has been repaid at bond maturity.

Fixed Returns

Bondholders will receive a fixed return throughout the duration of the bond term, this can be arranged via an independent broker.


WSR Hawker have taken great care in choosing their affiliated partners and encourage complete transparency throughout the investment life cycle.