The Process

How We Generate Wind Energy

The Process of Creating Wind Energy

The better way of generating energy

INSTALLATION - WSR Hawker has a successful installations record in place and we endeavour to continue within these standards. We work alongside qualified and recognised experts who have superior knowledge in their fields including landowners, contractors and civil engineers. Where possible we consult with local firms allowing us to be sympathetic with the area as well as work alongside the natural surroundings and environment.

GRID CONNECTION - The local National Grid Distribution Operator (DNO) is on hand to ensure that all regulations are met and implemented – especially where grid connections are required. For a full accreditation, the DNO must complete the connection. Once the wind turbine has been installed and connected WSR Hawker will be eligible to receive FIT payments.

SITE OPERATION – FIT payments are licensed and there are regulations that must be adhered to, to receive payments and to secure the management of costs and revenues. These include displaying production levels, being able to detect issues early on and forewarning operations and maintenance staff to any problems with the wind turbines. The protocols also mean that turbines and revenues are protected.

MONITORING – Working closely with locals, we have contractors in place who will oversee the maintenance of our wind turbines through servicing as well as monthly checks via qualified and recognised engineers. Annual checks will also be made to detect any potential problems. Our turbines are fitted with automatic cut-out device which will prevent from damage during dangerously high winds - a measure necessary when the weather can be unpredictable. All our turbines are guaranteed which means that should it be required replacements parts will be made accessible and available.