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Wind power

Wind turbines are sustainable renewable energy solutions. The wind’s kinetic energy is converted into electricity which can be used locally or sold to the national grid.

The UK feed-in tariff Scheme

The UK is amongst the leaders for climate change and are committed to obtaining 15% of its energy needs from renewable sources – a target set for 2020 in keeping with the 2016 Climate Agreement.

The FIT scheme has been introduced to help the government reach its targets through incentives. In this case, the FIT scheme would guarantee payment for each unit of clean energy produced by smaller scale wind turbine sites.

Twin revenue streams

Income through wind power is generated from two separate sources.

1. GENERATION TARIFF – for every unit of electricity generated, the government guarantee payment as part of the FIT Scheme. These tariff levels are guaranteed for the period of the tariff (up to 20 years) as well as being index linked.

2. EXPORT TARIFF – a further rate is paid for each unit exported back to the national grid at the export tariff rate or higher – also index linked. The same unit of electricity has two separate revenue streams.


Wind energy can be used to generate electricity in a natural way without having to worry about it running out.


At WSR Hawker, we are committed to producing environmental friendly energy that can be used across the UK.


Wind power is a clean source of energy that is non-polluting. It does not carry any negative effect.


Generating wind energy does not require massive land space. In fact, setting up turbines only needs minimal land space.